Our experienced designers can turn an eyesore into a discreet and dignified corner of your property…while ensuring that critters of all kinds stay out.

Our dumpster enclosures are typically made out of chain link fence or cedar. When made from chain link fence, vinyl privacy slats are often added and these are available in a wide range of colors. If you are doing a complete enclosure with gates, chain link fencing with privacy slats is the least expensive option and the most durable.

When using cedar for dumpster enclosures we often recommend the use of galvanized steel posts to improve the durability. Due to the frequency that a cedar dumpster enclosure gate is used (and by so many different people) and due to its size, we build our cedar dumpster enclosure gates with a welded steel frame, that is only visible from the rear of the gate, not from the front. The posts used for dumpster enclosures are typically pressure-treated wood or galvanized steel. Cedar posts can be used, but due to the abuse dumpster enclosures can face, it is not recommended. For more information on Dumpster Enclosures, please visit our Dumpster FAQs page.

Bollards are concrete-filled steel posts, commonly 4”-6” wide and 4’ tall. They are often placed around the area where the dumpster will be, to protect the enclosure from being hit during the emptying process. Bollards can be used in a wide variety of applications from protecting buildings to utility meters. Bollards can be left galvanized, painted or put in a plastic sleeve to dress up the appearance. We use bollard covers from Innoplast. They are available a wide variety of sizes and colors and can even have signs, warnings or company logos printed on them.