1. What type of posts should I use?
    The posts used for dumpster enclosures are typically pressure treated wood or galvanized steel. Cedar Posts can be used, but due to the abuse dumpster enclosures encounter, it is not recommended.
  2. What style dumpster enclosure should I use?
    There are two styles of dumpster enclosures that are commonly used, cedar panels and chain link fencing. The cedar panels are offered in a variety of styles and have a greater aesthetic appeal that chain link. However, the cedar panels are not as durable and require more maintenance. Chain link fencing is commonly used in more industrial and commercial areas and requires the use of vinyl privacy slats to hide the dumpster.
  3. What are the different types of frames for dumpster enclosures?
    The most common style enclosure we install is galvanized posts and framework with cedar paneling (or facade). This provides the aesthetic appeal of wood, but the strength and durability of steel. A wood frame with wood paneling can be used, but does not offer the strength and durability of steel.
  4. Why is durability so important with dumpster enclosures?
    When dumpsters are being emptied, they can often be pushed back into the enclosure or slammed against the sides. Also, dumpster enclosures often require large gates which are more susceptible to wind damage.
  5. What are bollards?
    Bollards are concrete filled steel posts, commonly 4″ to 6″ in diameter and 4′ tall. They are often placed around the area where the dumpster will be to protect the enclosure from being hit during the emptying process. Bollards can also be placed outside the enclosure to prevent gates from swinging open into traffic and to prevent important items such as gas and electrical meters that maybe in the area.