Main Line Fence :: Cedar Posts in Maine

We offer a wide range of cedar posts—along with panels to build an entire new fence, or individually to repair an existing fence, for a mailbox or a lamppost.

We stock blank (non-drilled) Round and Square Posts in various lengths ranging from 6' to 12' long. With its natural resistance to rot, decay and insects- cedar makes an excellent choice for outdoor materials. Cedar Posts will check, this is a natural occurrence that has no real impact on the structural integrity or longevity of a post. View more information on checking.

Fence Posts

The most commonly used fence posts are 5" Round and 5x5 Square Cedar Posts. We also offer 4x4 posts, however due to their smaller cross sectional area these posts will rot sooner and are more prone to warping and twisting. All our round posts are "non-tapered", meaning they are uniformly shaped the entire length of the post and they have a beveled top. Round posts have a rough finish and measure a true 5" in Diameter- this is the only size available. All our square posts are "finished" and their actually size is less than their nominal size- for example, a 5x5 post actually measures 4 1/2"x 4 1/2". Square posts are available in a variety of top styles. We stock blank posts. if your fence or project requires holes drilled, please call ahead with the dimensions and spacing for the holes. For more information on Post Types, Post Tops and how to measure a post- please visit our Cedar FAQs page. Below are the material-only prices for our blank cedar posts.


Round Maine White Cedar

(Blank Cedar Posts)
Round Maine White Cedar
    Blank Drilled
6' flat top posts (5" diameter) $22.00 $27.00
7' flat top posts (5" diameter $27.00 $32.00
8' flat top posts (5" diameter) $29.00 $34.00
9' flat top posts (5" diameter) $32.00 $37.00
12' flat top posts (5" diameter) $63.00 $68.00

Square Posts

Smooth finish, includes Gothic, Chamfered and Pyramid top
Square Posts
    Blank Drilled
8' posts 4"x4" $26.00 $31.00
6' posts 5"x5" $36.00 $41.00
8' posts 5"x5" $40.00 $45.00
10' posts 5"x5" $60.00 $65.00
12' posts 5"x5" $89.00 $94.00

*Prices include Square, Chamfered and Pyramid Tops- Add $5.00 for Gothic Top

Lantern Posts

(Center bored for cable)
Lantern Posts
Round Maine White Cedar $130.00
Square Maine White Cedar $225.00

We stock 3 types of Cedar Lantern Posts. All our lantern posts are 9' Long (we recommend 2'-6" to 3' buried below grade). The posts are bored up the center for the wire and taper to a 3" Diameter Top that fits all standard lantern fixtures. Our Round Cedar Lantern post is more rustic in appearance and is a 5" Diameter Post. If you are looking for something more finished we also have a 5x5 Square Post and a Turned Lantern Post. The Turned style post is 5x5 square at the base and then has a smooth, round decorative top—very similar the balusters or newel post of your staircase. We do offer installation of Lantern posts, however we are not qualified to do the electrical wiring and a licensed electrician will need to be hired by the customer for the installation of the lantern fixture.

Mailbox Posts

Mailbox Posts
5"x5" square white cedar with Gothic Top $125.00
5"x5" square white cedar "Hanging Mailbox" $165.00
4"x4" square white cedar with Gothic Top $95.00

We fabricate our own mailbox posts and offer 3- Styles: 4x4 Square Standard Post, 5x5 Square Standard Post and 5x5 Hanging Post (6x6 Posts are available, but are considered a custom order- Please call to discuss availability and pricing). If your mailbox post needs to be close to the road, and you are worried about plow damage, the hanging mailbox post is a great choice as it allows the post itself to be set further back from the street. All our mailbox posts can be built with our 5-Standard Square Post Tops (please see our Cedar FAQs page for top styles). Mailbox posts are often built to order, so please call for availability. We can install your new mailbox post for you, or if you would prefer you can buy the materials and install it yourself. If you are installing a mailbox post, the bottom of the mailbox needs to be 42" off of the road. This may vary from Town to Town, so if you are uncertain check with your local post office for mailbox height requirements. 

With our free loan of a hand posthole digger,* it’s easy to buy posts from us and install them yourself. Or have one of our trained crews install the fence for you. Call (207) 829-5549 today for a quote.

*$150 refundable deposit.