Chain link fence is extremely cost effective, offers some of the lowest material and labor costs, while being one of the most durable fencing options.

It is long lasting and easy to install.

Chain link fence is a great solution for fencing in a large area. If you have a wooded backyard, then you can use a black or green vinyl coated chain link to help your fence blend in with the background. We sell chain link fence in a variety of sizes and gauges, for DIY projects or to be installed by one of our experienced crews. We stock a wide variety of chain link fence fittings and gate hardware, as well as chain link wire and pipe that can be cut to custom lengths. Also, ask about our used chain link fence materials if you have a small job or a repair.

Please check out our Chain Link Fence FAQs page for more information.

We specialize in designing and installing pool enclosures that meet all safety guidelines. We also offer prepackaged dog kennels, baseball backstops, and more. Call (207) 829-5549 for a free quote, today.

Common Galvanized Chain Link Material PricesChain link fence

height per foot end/gate post corner post 3' wide gate
3' $12.40 $62.00 $75.00 $256.00
4' $14.50 $62.00 $75.00 $256.00
5' $16.15 $70.00 $84.00 $285.00
6' $19.25 82.00 $96.00 $308.00

We sell chain link fence in a variety of sizes and gauges, perfect for fashioning a secure enclosure for your beloved pets.

We keep galvanized dog kennel panels in stock. These are 1 3/8”, welded steel frame panels with 11 ga. wire. We keep in stock 6’x6’ panels, and 6’x12’ panels (all have the option of including a gate) these can be mixed/matched to create any size or shape enclosure, or you can purchase a complete package (see pricing below).

Custom sizes available upon request, please call for pricing. We offer installation service, delivery service (call for pricing) or carry-out.

Dog Kennels

Complete Kennel: 1 3/8” welded frame, 11 ga. galvanized wire, bolt together construction.
Dog kennel fence

6'x12'x12' $1240.00 6' end panels $155.00
6'x6'x12' $1030.00 6' front panels with gate $345.00
    12' side panels with gate $445.00
    12' side panels $265.00