The #1 advantage of working with Main Line Fence is our experienced, knowledgeable and committed team.

We use our own trained employees exclusively to build fences, install fences and repair your fence—unlike many of our competitors who use subcontractors. This lets us control the scheduling and quality of the installation to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our employees show up when they say they will, welcome any questions you may have, and truly care about creating the finest fence possible.

The Main Line Fence Honor Roll of Service

We’re proud of the extraordinary longevity and loyalty of our employees. As the list below shows, more than half have over a decade of service—a rare phenomenon in any business today.

  • Armand Gagnon, 57 years. Machine operator; welder and mechanic.
  • Rocky Cianchette, 50 years. President and General Manager. Scheduling installations; estimating highway guard rail projects; purchasing highway guard rail materials. (Ext 111)
  • Ray Clark, 44 years. Foreman, highway guard rail.
  • Jack Kinne, 37 years. Foreman, wood, ornamental metal and chain link fence; electric gate operators; and welder.
  • Brett Asherman, 35 years. Estimator and Project Manager, primarily north of Greater Portland. (Ext. 113)
  • Chuck Masselli, 31 years. Foreman, chain link fence and highway guard rail.
  • Jason Small, 24 years. Foreman, chain link and wood fence; highway guard rail.
  • Justin Kinne, 20 years. Foreman, wood, chain link, ornamental metal and PVC fence.
  • Ryan Cianchette, 17 years. Commercial Estimator and Project Manager, Vice President. Purchasing; chain link and wood fence materials. (Ext. 112)
  • Bonnie Davenport, 17 years. Office Manager and accounts receivable. (Ext. 110)
  • Matt Jordan, 12 years. Guard rail and fence installer; truck driver and equipment operator.
  • Toby Vosmus, 12 years. Foreman, wood and chain link fence.
  • Dan Burnham, 7 years. Machine operator; guard rail and fence installer.
  • Eric Warren, 7 years. Foreman, wood and chain link fence.
  • Brock Conant, 4 years. Fence and Guard rail installer.
  • Martha Cianchette, 4 years. Bookkeeping and accounts payable. (Ext. 114)
  • Keegan McGowan, 4 years. Estimator and Project Manager; Residential, Primarily Greater Portland. (Ext. 116)
  • Kevin O'Brien, 4 years. Fence installer.
  • Jake Adams, 3 years. Fence installer.
  • Brian Parks, 3 years. Fence installer.
  • Gerald Burrows, 3 years.  Yard maintenance.  
  • Andy LeConte, 2 years. Estimator and Project Manager; Residential, Primarily Greater Portland. (Ext. 115)
  • Brian Thorpe, 2 years.  Fence installer.
  • Pat Alexander, 2 years. Fence installer.
  • Nate Smith, 2 years. Fence installer.
  • Tanner Herman, 1 year. Fence installer.
  • Hugh Brown, 1 year. Fence installer.
  • Darius Johnson, 1 year. Fence installer.