Pool Fences for Safe Summertime Fun

Pool Fences for Safe Summertime Fun

June 9, 2021

Safeguard & Stylize Your Pool with Main Line Fence

Swimming pools are a great source of recreation and fun for the whole family. However, pool-related accidents are all too commonplace, especially with children under five years old. It’s vital to safeguard your in-ground pool area before allowing your children and their friends to dive in. One of the best safety measures you can take is installing a fence surrounding the pool.

Our dedicated team at Main Line Fence has over 50 years of experience installing both residential and commercial fences. Pool fences are no different, and we can supply and install them all throughout southern Maine.

Maine and Mandatory Pool Fencing

Though laws may vary from state to state, the legislature in Maine requires safety fencing around both residential and community pools. It’s mandatory for all in-ground swimming pools to be surrounded by at least a four foot tall barrier with self-closing, self-latching locks that are out of the reach of children. 

Aside from the legal requirements, having a solid fence installed around the perimeter of your pool comes with a lot of other key benefits.

Pool Fences Keep You from Worrying

An unsecured pool is dangerous for small children, pets and anyone who has trouble swimming. A structurally sound fence that’s in line with Maine’s safety laws will provide you with great peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones and community members are protected by a barrier to prevent any accidents.

Pools in the summertime should be a source for relaxation and fun. Installing high-quality fencing ensures that everyone, including pets and small children, will be safe when enjoying the warm weather outside.

Convenient, Customizable and Easy to Install

Pool covers, another option for keeping out debris and critters, can be heavy and difficult to maneuver, whereas a pool fence only needs a self-latching lock that’s out of the reach of children to be effective. It’s the more convenient option for keeping unwanted guests out of your swimming pool.

Main Line Fence offers a variety of styles, heights and materials for pool fences that are all in line with Maine’s safety regulations. We can efficiently install an inconspicuous four foot fence, or you can opt for something taller for added style or privacy. There are tons of options to suit any tastes, and our teams can work around any landscape to install a functional structure.

Let’s Get in Touch

Main Line Fence has been in business since 1948, installing and supplying both residential and commercial properties with high quality fences. A pool fence from us is a promise for safety, especially with summer fast approaching. Contact our expert team today to request a free quote on your pool fence in southern Maine!

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