Our Impact Across Maine

Our Impact Across Maine

August 5, 2021

Highways and Our Professional Fencing

Did you know that Main Line Fence is the leading guardrail installer in southern Maine? With experience spanning over seven decades, we are the state’s most trusted guardrailing partners for both state agencies and private businesses alike!

But what are guardrails, and why are they important? Guardrails are a boundary feature designed to prevent or deter access to dangerous highway surroundings while allowing greater visibility and light to the drivers. They prevent vehicles from veering off-road and hitting objects such as trees, utility poles or retaining walls.

Read on to learn how a system of guardrails works and the steps that Main Line Fence takes to make sure our guardrails meet the safety regulations administered by the state.

Keeping Motorists Safe

Guardrails need to be installed to provide a safety barrier for motorists who accidentally veer off of the road. The railings deflect out-of-control vehicles back to the roadway and help the vehicles to slow down in order to protect the drivers from incurring any more serious injuries. In most cases, the consequences of hitting a guardrail are less severe than hitting a utility pole or a standing tree.

How Do Guardrails Work?

The two important components of a guardrail system which determine how well a guardrail will perform upon a potential impact are:

Guardrail Face - The function of guardrail face is to redirect vehicles back onto the roadway in case of a collision.

End Terminal - The end terminal functions in two ways; if a vehicle hits head-on the impact head slides down the guardrail redirecting it away from the vehicle until the energy from the impact has dissipated and the vehicle has come to a stop. When a car hits at an angle, the impact head may extrude the guardrail or gate out, allowing the vehicle to pass behind the guardrail. So in this instance the guardrail is pushed through, much like the action of a gate opening.

Once the system of guardrails is in place our team performs a series of safety and performance tests to ensure that it meets the Highway Guardrail Performance standards administered directly by the Federal Highway Administration.

Guardrails That Are Best Suited for Highways

Galvanized guardrail is most commonly used for highway fencing as it is the most effective and offers the perfect safety net for motorists due to its effective impact absorption ability. It is constructed from high-strength galvanized steel especially designed to reduce the severity of run-off-road (ROR) collisions. Our team has the expertise to work with this durable material, having installed the majority of the guardrails along Interstate 295.

Our Impact Across Maine

Since our inception in 1948, Main Line Fence has installed the most number of guardrails across the state of Maine than any other fencing company. We continue to be the guardrail installer of choice for municipalities and state agencies, and we don’t take that trust lightly.

At Main Line Fence, not only do we have extensive experience as guardrail installers but also have a large inventory to meet all your needs for retail sales. With a highly trained crew and quality materials, we ensure that your guardrail project is completed on time and within budget. Contact our team to learn more!

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