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Ornamental Fences
Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fencing can provide a sturdy, secure and low-maintenance solution for residential, commercial or industrial applications, including pool enclosures.

Typically made out of powder-coated aluminum, this allows for maximum rust prevention and longevity of the fence. Steel options are available as well. Ornamental fencing mimics the look of classic Iron fences, without the high maintenance and cost.

New technology utilizes hidden fasteners creating a clean look. We refer to this as a “Good Neighbor” style of fence, meaning it looks the same from both sides. There are many different styles, options, accessories, gates and colors to choose from and mix/match.

Our main supplier of ornamental fencing is Jerith and they provide a lifetime warranty. While there may be a higher initial cost, typically you recoup this investment overtime due to a reduction in maintenance costs. For more information on available ornamental aluminum fencing, take a look at the brochures below.