Since our founding in 1948, Main Line Fence has installed far more guardrail in the State of Maine than any of our competitors.  We continue to be the guardrail installer of choice for contractors, businesses, municipalities and state agencies.

Guard rail usually consists of a post (often mechanically driven into the ground), some sort of off-set block (that goes between the rail and post) and a horizontal rail or beam.

Galvanized guard rail is the least expensive and most commonly used, primarily on highway applications. Wood guard rail and Corten is often the choice for parking lots or areas where safety and appearance are a concern. Wood guard rail is typically made from pressure treated wood, usually consisting of a 6"x8" or 8"x8" post and a 3"x10" or 4"x10" rail, and the tops of the posts can be chamfered, angled, flat or pyramid. Corten guard rail, often known as “Weathering Steel,” is steel that is developed to inhibit any further corrosion, protecting it from further weathering and giving it the brown “rust” like appearance. Basically the steel is made so that 10% of the surface is allowed to rust creating a protective layer, this eliminates the need for paint or any other protective method (such as galvanizing) and this is often seen in parks or places that require an aesthetically pleasing guard rail option.

We keep a wide variety of galvanized, Corten and wood guard rail components in stock. We have a large inventory to meet all your needs for retail sales and we are well equipped/prepared for emergency repair work. We have the equipment and expertise for any guard rail need that may arise. Used materials may be available.