Main Line Fence Co. was incorporated
as a separate division of
Robbins & White, a structural steel
erection company in Portland.

1950s & '60s

Over the next 20 years, Main Line Fence’s
operations grew and modernized,
while the original steel construction
business began to decline.


Main Line Fence was acquired by Norris
who soon moved operations to
a new location in Cumberland, where the
company has remained ever since.

1970s & '80s  

The company focused on two key product lines:

  • Highway Guardrail, including long stretches of
    I-295 and The Maine Turnpike
  • Security Fencing for...
    • Mills—SD Warren in Westbrook,
      International Paper in Jay
    • Military Bases—Portsmouth Naval
      Shipyard, Brunswick Naval Air Station
      and Loring Air Force Base 


After 17 years as President and
General Manager, Norris was succeeded by
his son Rocky Cianchette, who learned
the business from the post holes up.

Early 1990s

A notable project was fencing for the
Supermax Prison in Warren.


While the company continued to install
large guardrail and commercial fencing
projects, there was dramatic growth in
the residential business, including the
manufacture of cedar fencing.


Replaced the guardrail on I-295 the
company had installed in 1977.


In 2015, to keep up with increasing
demand, the original cedar fencing
fabrication shop was replaced.
The new one accommodates
12 workers (vs. four) and
is heated for year-round use.



Since acquiring Main Line Fence in 1969, the Cianchette family has guided the company through three generations to become Maine’s oldest and largest fencing supplier, handling more than 500 projects per year...with an enviable safety record.

Rocky’s son, Ryan Cianchette, plays a growing role in helping manage the company, where he started in 2003. Ryan’s focus is on increasing efficiency, which often means replacing several older pieces of equipment, such as compressors, forklifts and trucks, with fewer, newer, more reliable ones. His introduction of the latest technology, such as digital estimates, complements the traditional skills of our experienced team.

Rocky’s and Ryan’s goal is to ensure that Main Line Fence continues to meet Maine’s increasing demand for innovative, high-quality fencing for generations to come.

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